Warranty terms

    1. JEFA Marine A/S issue a two-year warranty on all their products covering manufacturing and material defects on condition that the products are used in normal fashion. The warranty shall apply for two years from the moment JEFA Marine A/S sell the product concerned (to the first buyer).
    2. Within the period of the warranty, and in accordance with the terms of the warranty JEFA Marine A/S undertake to replace or repair all defective components which have been used in normal fashion.
    3. However, the warranty is subject to the limitations and exceptions outlined below.
    1. JEFA Marine A/S liability shall be limited to repair or replacement of components which are defective owing to manufacturing or material defects.
    2. JEFA Marine A/S assume no other liability than this, not even liability for indirect losses caused by the defect concerned, including operating losses, loss of profits, or damage caused to real property or moveable property occurring while the product concerned is the possession of the Buyer.
    3. The Buyer alone shall bear the responsibility and risk involved as to whether the products are suitable for the application intended. JEFA Marine A/S assume no liability in this connection.
    4. JEFA Marine A/S assume no liability for defects which occur due to use of their products for purposes for which they are not intended, or for defects which occur owing to incorrect installation, corrosion, ultraviolet degradation, lack of maintenance, or any alteration or repair of the product carried out incorrectly by the Buyer. Finally, JEFA Marine A/S assume no liability for normal wear and tear, or for depreciation of value.
    5. Nor do JEFA Marine A/S assume any liability for service carried out by anyone other than authorized representatives of JEFA Marine A/S, unless such service is carried out pursuant to guidelines laid down by JEFA Marine A/S and in accordance with good craftsmanship.
    6. The Buyer shall inform JEFA Marine A/S in writing of any defects with no undue delay once defects have been registered. Products being dealt with under the warranty shall be returned to JEFA Marine A/S for repair unless any other agreement has been reached in writing.
    7. JEFA Marine A/S shall not cover costs incurred by the Buyer in connection with the transport or wages involved in a warranty case. Such costs shall be met by the Buyer in full.
    1. The warranty is only valid for one year in respect of components bought for the products concerned, such as electric motors, electric equipment, hydraulic pumps, motors and valves
    2. JEFA Marine A/S assume no liability for consequential damage of ships, equipment, property or people by defects in JEFA Marine A/S products.
    3. The company’s products are subject to continuous development, and consequently JEFA Marine A/S reserve the right to change designs and specifications without prior notice.

Please also take notice of our terms and conditions of supply.